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Discover the story behind the club that fosters skills, values, and dreams in young football enthusiasts. 

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Nurturing talent, fostering values, shaping futures

The history of our club has become a symbol of excellence in developing young football players. Besides just being a place to play sports, our club is like a close-knit family with the aim of teaching values like teamwork, persistence, and respect. Over time, we’ve grown and set higher goals for ourselves, taking part in local competitions and helping our young players develop their skills and determination.

Our Trainings

Our training sessionsare like those you will find in a football academy. They’re aimed at improving both the players’ technical skills and their understanding of the game. 

Skill-Building Exercises

These exercises focus on improving ball control, passing accuracy, and dribbling skills.

Game Tactics and Strategies

We explore different formations and player roles, encouraging teamwork and quick decision-making

Physical and Mental Development

We work on endurance, speed, and agility, as well as fostering a competitive mindset and self-confidence.

Our Services

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Individualized Training

Unlock your potential with personalized coaching tailored to your unique skills and goals. If you need additional support, feel free to ask for 1-to-1 coaching if you need it.

Skill Development Programs

With a tactical understanding inspired by Spanish philosophy, our teams prioritize playing from the back, providing players with the best and most realistic development opportunities

International Tournaments

Every year, all of our teams travel to Spain. So far, we’ve visited Madrid, Barcelona, and Benidorm!

Futsal Programs

We offer futsal programs aimed at improving technique, following our South American and Spanish methodology. Additionally, futsal training is available for all our teams

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